Mr. Filip Geerts

Director General
CECIMO (European Association of the Machine Tool Industries)

Filip Geerts is the Director General of CECIMO, the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries. CECIMO represents the interests of the sector in the fields of economy, trade and science towards the European Union and globally.

Mr Geerts launched a strategy to support the development and dissemination of additive manufacturing (AM), otherwise known as 3D printing, in European industry. CECIMO is monitoring trends in AM technologies, identifying opportunities, discussing policy and regulatory implications, and establishing a dialogue with EU policy-makers.

Filip Geerts is a professional in international, EU and national public and regulatory affairs. He is specialised in the management of corporate and governmental affairs departments of companies, national and EU trade associations and non-profit organisations. He was Deputy-Director for the largest Belgian association for the technology industry, Public and Regulatory Affairs Manager for IBM (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and Secretary General for numerous European trade associations – for example, in the ICT, electro-medical, lighting and environmental sectors. He has degrees from Insead Fontainebleau and Singapore, London School of Economics, Vlerick, College of Europe, The Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve and the Catholic University of Leuven in commercial engineering.


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Mr. Filip Geerts

CECIMO (European Association of the Machine Tool Industries)