Esteemed Speaker

Dr. Pedro Martinez Seijas

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Santiago De Compostelae University Hospital

Pedro Martinez Seijas MD. PhD. MSc. MSc. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon at Santiago of Compostelae University Hospital (Santiago of Compostelae. Spain). HM Hospital Vigo (Spain). He is Visiting Professor in Biomedical Engineering at Mondragon University (Spain) and European Fellow Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Bruges. Belgium).

Doctorate (2015) with doctoral thesis “Variability control using 3D printing biomodels in head and neck reconstruction with auto-transplant. Clinical Process Management”. My work is focused in personalized medicine for dental implants restoration, head and neck surgical oncologic and surgical reconstruction, cranial and maxillofacial deformities. Regenerative medicine using biodegradables bone regenerative osteosynthesis plates for orthognatic surgery (metallic less bone fixation).  Computer aided surgery and neuro-maxillofacial image guiding surgery for minimally invasive surgery.

Clinical investigation: Personalized Medicine using 3D printing in surgical oncology, surgical auto-transplant free flaps reconstruction and cranial and maxillofacial deformities (2001-2017). Study on synthetic and natural biomaterials for biomedical applications (2003). 3D printing biomodel guided surgery  (2005-2018). Regenerative medicine: Design, Development, and experimental use of resorbable polymer plates coated with hydroxyapatite for the improvement of bone regeneration in the treatment of craniofacial fractures with critical bone defect (2008). Mixed guided surgical computer assistance with 3D printing biomodels (2009-2017). First and second Spanish hemimandible custom made prosthesis (2009). Description of new surgical procedures:  “New Technique in Functional Neck Dissection. A variant in Oswaldo Suarez´S Manoeuvre (2010)”; “A New Facial “Wings Maxillary” Osteotomomy in a Crouzon´s Syndrome. Mixed Guided Surgical Computer Assistance with 3D Printing Biomodels (2011)” and “Polymethyl Methacrylate Custom-Made Prosthesis: A novel 3D printing-aided Fabrication Technique for Cranial and/or Orbital Reconstruction (2011)”. Mixing personalized and regenerative medicine by custom made prosthesis made in bone regenerative biomaterials.


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