Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Hussain

Professor, Electrical Engineering
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Muhammad Mustafa Hussain is an electronics engineer specializing in CMOS technology enabled low-cost flexible, stretchable and reconfigurable electronic systems. He is an Professor in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. He is the principle investigator (PI) at Integrated Nanotechnology Laboratory, and Integrated Disruptive Electronic Applications (IDEA) Laboratory.

Born and brought up in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Hussain obtained his bachelors in electrical and electronics engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, in 2000. He completed his masters from University of Southern California in 2002 and joined University of Texas at Austin, where he completed another M.S. and doctoral degrees (December 2005). In 2006, he joined Texas Instruments as an integration engineer to lead the 22-nm node, non-planar, MugFET technology development. In 2008, he joined SEMATECH as the Program Manager of Novel Emerging Technology Program where he oversaw CMOS technology development in Austin, Texas and in Albany, New York. His program was supported by United States Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). He joined the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) as a founding faculty in August 2009.

Hussain is the Fellow of American Physical Society (APS), Institute of Physics (IOP), UK and Institute of Nanotechnology, UK. He serves as an editor in notable journals such as Applied Nanoscience (Springer-Nature) and IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. He has been awarded the IEEE Electron Devices Society Distinguished Lecturer award for his teaching skills. His research on saliva based power generation, self-destructible electronics, paper skin, smart thermal patch, paper watch and decal electronics have garnered widespread international media attention. He has been a leading authority in the field of flexible inorganic electronics, in particular, through the flexible silicon process. He has also pioneered a new architecture for silicon transistors called the silicon Nanotube FET.


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