Abdulrahman Jilani

Technical Lead - Additive Manufacturing
Development Team of Industry 4.0
Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources

Abdulrahman is currently part of the Industry 4.0 development team at the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources working on the Saudi National Additive Manufacturing Strategy in alignment with the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP).

He previously lead the Additive Manufacturing practice at the Innovation Center for Industry 4.0 at KACST and served as a Guest Lecturer at Prince Sultan University. Prior to that he was an Additive Manufacturing Graduate Specialist at the 3D Printing Arm of the University of Maryland where he received his M.Eng in the field. Abdulrahman also holds the MIT PROx Additive Manufacturing Professional Certification.


Abdulrahman Jilani

Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources

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