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Titomic (ASX:TTT) is an Australian public company specialising in digital manufacturing solutions for industrial scale metal additive manufacturing using its patented Titomic Kinetic Fusion® (TKF) technology. The TKF technology provides unique capabilities for producing commercially viable additively manufactured metal products competing directly with traditional manufacturing methods. Titomic provides OEM production and R&D services from their TKF Smart Production Bureaus to the global Aerospace, Defence, Shipbuilding, Oil & Gas, Mining and Automotive industries. Titomic also provides an extensive range of metal powders for 3D Printing especially Titanium and super alloys whilst providing sales and support services for their TKF production systems.

Website: https://www.titomic.com/

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We are the Middle East’s region’s leading Graphic industry distributor.

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution right around the corner we aim to help build the workforce of the future, and revolutionize how we learn. Dynagraph therefore recently opened the 3D Additive Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center with HP’s 3D MultiJetFusion Technology intended to disrupt the 3D Printing Industry.

From the earlier days of prototyping, modelling and small parts production 3D Printing is in the process of realizing its full potential. Digital files can be transmitted to any corner of the planet to manufacture products enabling engineers and designers to work from anywhere in the world without the constraints of traditional manufacturing e.g. injection molding and allows for the mass personalization and mass production of parts.

Along with our partners HP, Materialize, 3DXL,… we help bring new business opportunities from ideas, to reality.

Website: http://www.dynagraph.net/en/home


Namthaja for Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Namthaja for Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Namthaja is an Additive Manufacturing company established 2015 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. It provides full manufacturing solutions starting from design stage up to final product manufacturing. We are specialized in 3D printing with more than 35000 of 3D printing hours of experience. We believe that this new technology will open new frontiers for engineers and designers and will change how we think of manufacturing forever. We serve our customers in several fields such as: reverse engineering and spare parts manufacturing, customized products and small batches manufacturing, molds and patterns manufacturing, models and prototypes manufacturing, sculptors and art pieces.

Website: http://namthaja.com/en/



3DPHOTONiX is an Industrial 3D printers manufacturer for jewelry, dental and prototyping industry.

We focus to provide an industrial 3D printing solution to leverage production capabilities by utilizing the latest in IoT and machine learning technologies, allowing remote management, cloud-based print optimization, and industrial-grade reliability.

Our machines enable high-speed printing capabilities while preserving dimensional accuracy with the use of a state of the art DLP optical light engine and semiconductor rated motion control system.

Website: https://www.3dphotonix.com/


Aim 3D Printing

“Aim 3D delivers innovative 3D printing services (including 3D design and 3D scanning), targeting industry, healthcare, architecture & design, fashion & jewelry, and consumer goods. The company employs 3D technologies and multidisciplinary knowhow to address the Middle East market by: (1) Building 3D printing innovation centers to reach out and provide solutions to customers; (2) Delivering 3D printing services to attend to both large and small needs in society; and (3) Creating new knowledge and intellectual property to sustain and advance 3D printing capabilities. Aim 3D is US based, with branch companies in the Gulf region. For more information www.aim3d.com.”

Website: https://aim3d.com




Additive Manufacturing Technology Facility (AMTF)

Is a local 3D Metal Printing Technology Company Located in the Eastern Provence, The Facility is under establishment, AMTF will use the latest and up to date technology in the field of metal additive manufacturing (3D Printing) specialty and will be based in Saudi Arabia, our current immediate objective is serve Local Market jointly work with German Company experience in AM metal spare manufacturing to start and develop metal manufacturing methodology .

Additive Manufacturing -AM) refer to as 3D Printing (Technologies are considered and identified as one of the potential keys enabling manufacturing technologies to indigenize and improve the Saudi Arabia local manufacturing standing and competitiveness.

This is an opportunity to capture and concentrate on and start production using on demand, specialization and mass (multiple) spare parts requirements by various industrial sectors such as energy, petrochemical, automotive, Metal and Mining and Automotive.

Website: http://www.k-wilhelms.de

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